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Are You Using the Right Gem Facial Roller in Your Skincare Routine?

Are You Using the Right Gem Facial Roller in Your Skincare Routine?


In this vibrant world we live in, the lengths we’ll take to preserve our health and youthful appearance can seem extreme at times. But, honestly, I saw two wrinkles on my cheek a few weeks ago- so I’m here for all the youthful skincare advances. Seeing that wrinkle reflect in my mirror, first thing in the morning, was frightful. That’s not how I want to start my day, ever. I investigated the Internet for all the beauty tips and tricks to help preserve youthful, smooth, and radiant skin. I learned that jade gem rollers are taking over the beauty industry. 


Finding the right jade gem roller to use was troubling for me at first because there is more than one gem to choose from. The main purpose of a jade gem roller is to remove puffiness, rejuvenate and alleviate wrinkles on your face. However, different gems can provide different effects on your skin. Also, different gem rollers provide different energy. Did you know that jade rollers are also sacred for their energy and spiritual experience when rolling onto your skin? Don’t worry, I tried some of the most popular gem rollers for you and I can guide you to the right gem for your facial and spiritual needs. Let’s dive into what I discovered about jade and gemstone rollers. 


Are You Lacking Self-Love, and Have Dark Circles Too?


Try a rose quartz facial roller. Using a rose quartz roller during your morning skin routine will help even your complexion and eliminate puffiness under your eyes. Rose quartz rollers are most common for the glowing complexion and elasticity that it stimulates. If you place this roller in the freezer you will get better results also. 


Rose Quartz is the love stone and linked to the heart chakra. This stone vibrates self-love, peace, and healing. If you are struggling with any insecurities, the rose quartz roller is for you. While using your rose quartz roller in the morning, take a look in the mirror and remind yourself of how amazing you are too.  


Are You Indecisive and Currently Have Large Pores? 


Try a white jade facial roller. The gem white jade can do miraculous things to preserve your youthful skin. Rolling a white jade roller on your face can reduce the size and appearance of pores. It can also increase elasticity, remove puffiness, and boost collagen in your face. 


White jade has the power to help with decision-making. This stone will also bring peace, harmony, and serenity into your life. What better way to start your day? Especially if you have a tough decision to make. Use your white jade gem facial roller in the morning and let it guide you to the right path. 


Do You Have Puffy Eyes and Are You Feeling Blocked Creatively? 


If this is you, you should try the green jade facial roller. The green jade gem is probably the most popular facial roller. This gem does the best job removing the lymphatic drainage (toxins that make your eyes puffy) under your eyes. The green jade facial roller stimulates blood circulation also, which will result in a more youthful appearance of skin. Use it at a cold temperature and use the smaller end for ridding under-eye puffiness. 


The green jade gem is commonly known as the lucky stone. For centuries this stone has been used in meditations to manifest creativity, money, and happiness. Not to mention the stone is just beautiful and a pleasure to look at while you’re rolling it on your skin. 


Do You Feel Stressed? Are You Unhappy with Your Skin Texture?  


Help is on the way! Try using the black obsidian jade facial roller in your morning skincare routine. This gem will tighten your pores and smooth your skin texture. It also detoxifies and radiates your skin. 


The black obsidian crystal removes negative energy and protects your aura. This will help alleviate stress and prevent depression. This stone is linked to your root chakra, which means it will also keep you grounded and with a clear mind for decisions. Keep your mind and skin intact with the black obsidian gem facial roller. 


As I stated earlier, some beauty trends may seem ridiculous at times. Jade gem rollers are trending at the moment. But everyone is still wondering, do they actually work? I’ve tried every stone listed and I am here to report back…yes, they have worked for me. I’d give it about 2-3 weeks to start seeing results. 


Also, always use your gem facial roller on a clean face. I preferred to use all of the facial rollers cold, except for the black obsidian facial roller. I applied my facial oil on my black obsidian roller when I used it and seen better results. And, I recommend using it at least once a day in your skincare routine. You’ll begin to see the beauty blossom inside and outside. 


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