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Here’s How to Handle a Stressful Day at Work

Here’s How to Handle a Stressful Day at Work

It’s unfortunate, but we all have to experience those draining and busy workdays every once in a while. Enduring hours of non-stop email notifications, zoom calls, and problem-solving can be overwhelming for your mental health. It’s never fun leaving work with anxiety. That’s why it’s important for you to take care of yourself and find ways to effectively unwind once you come home. Allow me to share some of the best-proven tips to relieve stress after a long day of work. 

First, let me emphasize that it’s not easy disconnecting from stressful situations at work. Almost everyone needs a routine to help with it. Until recently, after a long day, I would go home and immediately crash on the couch hoping the stress would fade away. Is that what you do, too? So, you can agree that it never works. But, there are several simple and easy methods that you can do at home to relax after work that will work. Let’s get started de-stressing. 

Wrap Yourself in a Weighted Blanket

You’ve had a stressful day at work and this tip is my virtual hug to you. That’s what a weighted blanket feels like- a never ending hug. A weighted blanket normally contains a plastic or micro-glass pellet to add extra weight to the fabric. This weight in the blanket provides pressure therapy to your autonomic nervous system and helps relieve uneasiness and stress in the body. By just wrapping up in this blanket, you can regulate breathing, slow your heart rate and alleviate anxiety. 

Limit Your Blue Screen Use and Unplug

Because you’ve been busy at work, you’ve probably had very little time to keep up with your personal life and enjoy any form of entertainment. I’m sorry, but it must stay this way when you go home as well. What’s more important? Taking care of your mental health or writing a comment under your best friend’s photo? 

When you arrive at home try your best to unplug from the world. It’s been proven that blue light exposure can decrease the release of our melatonin, which will affect sleeping habits and make it harder to go to sleep. Constantly being on your phone or continuing to work on your laptop after work will do nothing but heighten your anxiety and stress. Try reading a book or listening to music instead. 

Take a Walk Outside

Get up off of your couch and take advantage of this beautiful and free thing we call nature. Taking a walk outside can lower your level of adrenaline and cortisol, which is making you frantic. Walking will increase your body’s release of endorphins (aka our happy hormone) and put you in a better mood. In my opinion, a walk outside is the best way to start stress management when you come home from work. 

Grab Your Diffuser and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a very effective and natural way to conquer stress and anxiety. Using a diffuser and inhaling essential oils such as Valerian, Lavender or Bergamot can significantly lower anxiety levels and promote a better night of sleep. That’s exactly what you need to wind down after a long day at work. Bergamot oil has even been proven to improve a mood within 15 minutes. Essential oils are necessary! 

Listen to Your Favorite Guided Meditation 

I’m almost certain that guided meditations were created just for stressful workdays. Meditating on my own with the weight of work problems and anxiety on my shoulders is impossible. But, with guided meditation, all you need to do is breathe and listen. Mediation will restore your life balance and place your mind back into a calm state. Also, the best thing about meditation on a stressful workday is that it increases your self-awareness. This will ultimately help you stay focused and mindful about work decisions throughout the rest of the week. 

Start a Gratitude Journal Right Now

I saved the best for last. And, I’m sure you’re thinking, why would I want to pick up a pen and do more work after I’ve had such a busy day? Starting a gratitude journal is not work. When you give thanks, you release stress. Even though your day at work was long and busy, I’m sure you are still grateful for the job, right? Research has proven that gratitude journaling reduces stress and improves sleeping within individuals. 

Busy workdays can be unpredictable and frequent during certain times of the year. Practice these tips that I’ve shared as much as you need to. Remember, your well-being is most important. Always take care of yourself after a long day of work. Do not head back into work with the same stress from the day before. 

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