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What is Hygge and Will it Help Me Sleep?

What is Hygge and Will it Help Me Sleep?

Feeling restless? Are you always seeking a good night of sleep? I have a solution. Join the hygge lifestyle and become well-rested every night. If you’re not familiar with hygge, it’s a Danish term pronounced hoo-gah. I’ll share with you the most efficient ways to create a hygge bedroom and bedtime routine that guarantees good sleeping patterns. 

There’s no direct translation from hygge in Danish to English; coziness is the closest term we have to it. However, in the Danish culture hygge is a calm, cozy, and simple lifestyle that promotes authentic happiness and comfort. Living a “hygge-life” is creating a peaceful aura that focuses on your present, pleasant moment and emotions.

 A hygge bedroom and bedtime routine will direct your mind and body to relaxing state. Exhausting days will not defeat you anymore- hygge is here to bring peaceful slumber and restore your energy. I’ll cover the two most important things you need to begin: atmosphere and routine. 

Creating a Hygge Bedroom 

Blankets and Pillows: Start by overloading on your dose of cozy. One blanket and two pillows are not enough for a hygge bedroom. Dress your bed in multiple warm, and comforting blankets. Buy more pillows and a body pillow to console more areas of your body. Try multiple textures when choosing your blankets and pillows for an even more comforting effect. 

Candles: You will need multiple candles for your bedroom to create a serene atmosphere. While you’re getting ready for bed, candle light should be your main source of lighting. Scented candles are a plus! You can always diffuse your favorite essential oil too. 

Nightstand or Bed Tray: In a hygge bedroom a hard surface near your bed is necessary. This is for you to place your favorite tea, snacks (sweets are recommended), and book on your nightstand. 

Okay, now that the atmosphere is hygge proof let’s start the nighttime routine …

The Perfect Hygge Bedtime Routine

Soothing Music: Turn on your favorite soothing tunes. If you need assistance finding the right music, there are plenty of calming playlists on music platforms, apps, and YouTube. 

Cleanse & Refresh: Next, let’s wash the dirt and stress away from your day. Use a tranquil body wash in your nighttime shower or bath.  Anything that contains lavender will work perfectly.  

Skin Care:  Don’t rush your nighttime skincare routine. Try doing a face mask for several minutes. I’d suggest using a cold jade gem roller on your face as well. And, don’t forget to moisturize. 

Cozy, Loose Fitting Pajamas: Stay away from spandex or fitted pajamas. Loose and good quality pajamas are more relaxing for your body during a hygge night. 

Journal or Read: I know by now you’re probably super relaxed. Closing your eyes may be tempting, but try journaling happy thoughts or reading your favorite book first. This will clear your mind and prepare you for a good night of sleep. 

Go to Bed at a Decent Hour: You need your rest. You did great completing your first hygge bedtime routine. Now, it’s time for bed. Happy sleeping! 

“What Does ‘Hygge’ Mean?” Meriam Webster, January  2021

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